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Killer Sniper Free

Developer: علاء الموسوي

The BEST sniper assassin game for Android mobile and Tablets It’s not a ordinary sniper game. You are a part of anti-terrorism force , sitting high on top roof of the city to deal with any suspicious activity going to take place in the busy New York public place. Since the security threat is high and the security level has been increased to “High”, your duty would to maintain the peace in the city. Taking a position on a building rooftop, keep an eye on everyone and do not hesitate to pull the trigger if you find anyone try to compromise with the national security. Anyone disturbing the peace is your enemy.
Do not kill the innocents, sit back, aim and shoot to kill
So are you up to the challenge??? If not then look at the arsenal you have provided with. The latest Sniper rifles with the modern gadgets installed on it. Kill and get rewarded so you can upgrade weapons on regular basis. Choose the right weapon for the right level.
****Unlimited challenging missions with addictive gameplay. Aim and SHOOT! Get yourself a Sniper gun and KILL THEM ALL
You are an ULTIMATE SHOOTER; accuracy is your strong point. So let’s look for the peace disturbers and let them pay the price of their actions.
**Realistic 3d environment**Unlimited tricky tasks**Latest weapons**Amazing sound effects